The Race

The IAC is a broadly collaborative effort that brings together public-private partnerships and academic institutions to challenge university students around the world to imagine, invent and prove a new generation of automated vehicle software to run fully autonomous racecars and inspire the next generation of STEM talent

The team

Polimove Autonomous Racing team is a division of the mOve research team focused on the development of driverless and autonomy algorithms for racing.

The team participate to all 5 IAC races, winning 4 of them.

My experience

During my tenure with the Polimove racing team, I acquired invaluable skills in working effectively under high-pressure situations while consistently delivering exceptional results.

Operating within stringent timeframes, meeting deadlines became a non-negotiable priority.

My responsibilities included spearheading the integration of a secondary GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) along with an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) system. This endeavor aimed to enhance the car’s redundancy, ensuring a more reliable navigation system. This role demanded precision, technical acumen, and meticulous attention to detail, all of which I approached with unwavering dedication. My experience in this dynamic environment fortified my ability to perform under pressure and contribute meaningfully to challenging projects.