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Selfie with the robot

Why is so important that technology enters in our everyday life?
My opinion is that, if we look at the technology as something that only few people can understand and work on, we can not use the full potential of this outstanding possibility.
Look at the picture, it’s been taken autonomously by the robot that works very closely to my self, without any risk for me, because it is capable to identify if there is a collision with any object.
In the future, this type of robot will be present in our life as the coffee machine is today!

Way to the top

After 2 days of hiking, with a very heavy backpack and the ski on my feet, I arrive on top of Allalinhorn mountain.
This achievement cost me lots of sweat and pain, but it is at the same time my best and my hardest day.
This adventure teaches me how hard work and perseverance can bring me to the highest mountain!

Graduation day

After a long days of studying, early wakeup and late-night, in this day I feel that all the work I have done in this year, finally, condensate in something!
Not something that I can hold in my hand, the parchment it’s only a paper, the real goal is to be aware that with what you’ve done in so long you can achieve something important in your life and all the memories you have made can never be taken away from you

Sail your route

During my life, I have got lot’s of opportunity, one that I will never forget is sailing. I remember that I was so fascinated by the power of the wind to move the boat, it was so much gently but strongly that pass through the waves was an easy job.
while voyage I realize that all this power is produced by something you can not control or even represent, the only thing you can do is try to set the boat to follow the line you choose, and continuously adjust the sail to take full advantage of this huge gift.