Hi, my name is Alberto, I’m currently at the last year of engineering at Politecnico di Milano.

Let’s start my story from the beginning…

I was born in 1996 near Bergamo (Italy), during my youth I always tried to be as normal as possible but, I always feelt like I wanted more.
This could sound arrogant but, looking in perspective it means that I always try to do my best to improve my self.
This is reflected in the choice I made during my scholastic career, choosing Liceo over more technical school improved my openness to new topics.
My first choice for the university was PoliMi for two main reasons, the first is that has the exact course that fits my needs and curiosity and the second is the same university that does my father.
After hard years of studying, I achieved my first bachelor degree in automation engineering in 2018.
I discover during this year that my interest in engineering I well placed, I focus my studying in the automation of robot and on mobile automation.
My ideas for the future is to continue studying in this topic, with the goal to learn more about AI and the application of it into the control of the autonomous system.
Now I’m currently working as Matlab Ambassador at Politecnico di Milano and my goal is to help students like me to improve their skill with the software and to discover new possible use of this powerful instrument. During 2018 I also work as a tutor in the electrotechnical laboratory, this experience helps me understand that sometimes it’s hard to sit to the opposite side because you have to deal with aspects that you usually don’t care.
After the university I hope to find work in the field of control strategy in the automotive industry.